August 2017

The last month has been busy. As well as all the usual events, there has been the visit by Scouts from Anguilla and St Kitts and Nevis. This has set me thinking about the friendships that are built up through Scouting.

  • Many Scouts who went to the Caribbean two years ago have returned to meet their friends again over the past 2 weeks.
  •  Many of these Scouts are from across Warwickshire and Coventry and do not see each other often. The shared experiences mean that they just get chatting as if it were only yesterday they last met.
  • I still meet up with Venture Scouts from when I was a leader 25 years ago. W
  • when I first moved to Warwickshire 35 years ago I became a leader to meet new people – and many of them are still my closest friends.

During July I attended anniversary celebrations as 7th Warwick and 4th Kenilworth Scout Groups, once again the friendships that have been built over the years were evident with many former members and leaders attending.
I have been fortunate to have had many Scouting Adventures and during them have made friends across the world. As well as developing the young people you are also helping them build lasting life changing friendships.

Best wishes

Ps – did anyone notice that there was no July Blog? Does anyone read this? Do give me some feedback.

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