7th Rugby (Bilton) 1st June

Supposed to be on holiday walking part of the SW Coast Path, but my wife was called up for Jury Service, so we opted to postpone the holiday.  This meant an extra Saturday became free for sailing, so when Angie from 7th got in touch…..

“It’s OK, let them have a go” – finally get him on the helm and he’s the best of the bunch

Wasn’t too sure to start with, persevered and really got the hang of it

I spend most of my time saying “look where you’re going”……

…..which isn’t instinctive in a dinghy because you sit facing sideways….

…. but these guys have nailed it!

When one scout called in sick – Angie was more than happy to take their place

A familiar face from last year – he tipped me in…..

… and this pair tipped Tony in today. I’m beginning to see a pattern

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