Blog No. 11 – September 2017

For many September is the start of a new Scouting year. There has been the excitement of camps and expeditions over the summer, chances to get outdoors and enjoy lots of activities and now it is back to the HQ.

Over the past weeks I have been thinking about how we keep the buzz in our Scouting and maintain the interest for both the Young People and the Leaders. What has kept my interest is looking for new challenges and having things to look forward to, a target if you like.  There may be people who have returned after the summer thinking that it is the same old routine – where is the excitement.  Here are a few thoughts from me.

  • Always good to have the special event to look forward to – do you have a highlight each term that you work towards?
  • Being inside every week, starting with flagbreak, then a game, then an activity, then …… can get repetitious. Make sure that you vary the style and remember that just because it is dark in the evening does not mean that you can’t go out!
  • You will have seen that we are publicising some exciting International Experiences.
    • Roverway 2018 – A European Scout and Guide Event in The Netherlands next summer for 16 – 22 year old.
    • World Scout Jamboree in 2019. Being hosted by Canada, Mexico and the USA. Now is the opportunity for young people who will be aged between 14 and 18 in July 2019 to find out more about it and apply.
  • WAGS 2018 is looking for a cast. Members form across the County are welcome to join in this and try a different angle to Scouting.
  • And of course there will be the launch of Get In 2018 – I have heard some of the plans and it will be fantastic highlight for next year – make sure that this is in the diary!

I am sure that you all have lots of different ideas on how to keep Scouting fresh and vibrant – let me know them and I will feature them in the blog next month.

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