Blog No. 15 January 2018

Happy New Year!

The start of a New Year is always a time to look back and reflect – but more importantly to look forward.  Scouting in Warwickshire is in good health, we are growing, delivering a good programme, and helping more young people get skills for life.

2018 will be another busy year.

We have Get In in May, we already have a fantastic number signed up for the event – make sure that your Group is booked in so that the organising team can plan for everyone who wants to come.

In February and march WAGS and Nuneaton Gang Shows will put on their superb shows – do go and see them for an excellent evening’s entertainment.

In your Districts, Groups, Sections there will be events, camps, expeditions, competitions, outings and much more.

These are all things to look forward to. Young people love having things to plan for and look forward to – make sure that you include them in the planning and that they know what is happening.

How do we as leaders manage to keep things fresh week in week out – I think it is by being part of a good team, trying new things ourselves and more importantly enjoying what we do.


Have a great 2018


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