Blog No 5

We’re already one month into 2017 and it has been a varied one to me.  That set me thinking about the variety that we offer our young people.

As a Scout I have done many things that I never would have imagined doing without Scouting pushing me.

  • I’ve stood on top of Alpine mountains
  • performed on the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre
  • Stayed with Scouts in a tiny village in Romania
  • Canoed down the River Wye
  • Met Scouts from all corners of the World
  • Camped in the sun, rain, wind and snow – and survived!
  • Met The Queen
  • Sat around a campfire and put the world to rights
  • been caving – just the once!
  • made hundreds of friends

Nigel mountain

I have even enjoyed most of those things, although many are not my natural style.

We all have our own likes, dislikes and specialisms. Do we put them to one side to make sure that the young people have the opportunity to try a variety of things?  It is not easy, but something to think about and even better why not ask then what they would like to do.  It will challenge them – and probably you as well!


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