Blog No 6

It’s a youth thing!

Hopefully you saw earlier in the month that I had appointed Ben Reed-Screen as the County Youth Commissioner and Will Lang as his deputy.  I am very excited by these appointments and over the next few weeks they will be arranging meetings around the County.  I have also appointed Andy Kennedy as the ACC Network.

So why is this so important?  We often forget that Scouting is about developing young people and not just going camping, having fun etc.  We need to give them the opportunity to grow in new roles, take on challenges, learn from their mistakes and try something new.  When Scouting first started in 1907 it was because young people wanted it – they were the driving force and invited adults to help them.   Maybe we could learn a bit from that.

There are lots of good examples of youth shaped Scouting around the County.  Leaders asking young people what badges they want to do, where to go camping, to help with websites, etc.  Do we do enough of that – probably not.  Is it easier sometimes to do a job ourselves – often it is!  Does that give the young people opportunities – no it does not.  We should not be looking for the easy route but one where young people get the most out of Scouting supported by Leaders.

As Baden-Powell said

“the more responsibility a Scoutmaster gives his Patrol Leaders, the more they will respond.”

Substitute Leader for Scoutmaster and Beaver, Cub and Explorer equivalent for Patrol Leader and it is relevant to us all. 100 years on still good advice.

Ben – could you do the blog next month?

Happy Scouting in March,







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