Blog No 7.

My name is Ben and I am your County Youth Commissioner – Nigel has handed his Blog across to me for the month.

Following the theme of this year, we’re really building a strong team. As Nigel mentioned last month the appointments of Andy Kennedy (ACC Network), myself and my very able deputy (Will Lang) brought some new ideas into the County team. Now, we’ve continued that trend by appointing two new members of the team, ACC for International and a new role to the County, an Adviser for Creative Scouting, Christine McIntosh and Sarah Glover respectively. 

A little update with where I’m at then: being new to both the area and any role at a county level there’s been a lot to get my head round. I’m happy to say the local commissioners at both district and county have been very supportive so far and for this I’m very grateful!

I recently went down to the B-P House in London to meet with the other CYC’s from across the UK. We received a role induction from the UK Youth Commissioner (Hannah Kentish) and her team. It was also a great opportunity to network with other CYC’s prior to Summit 17 in April.received_10158251274760277

My hope for the near future is to build a team of District Youth Commissioners (DYC’s) to work with to empower the youth of Warwickshire in a partnership with the adult volunteers across the county, so if you know anyone who you might be up to the task: get them involved! 

As County Youth Commissioner it’s my pleasure to bring Youth Shaped Scouting (YSS) to the forefront of people’s minds.

I know that the idea of YSS might seem difficult, or that you just don’t know where to start, but honestly, it’s easy. Trust me. If you’ve ever been a Lodge Leader, or a Sixer, or a Patrol Leader; that’s Youth Shaped. Even just asking your section at the end of an evening “Did you enjoy tonight, would you do it again?” that’s Youth Shaped at the basics at least.

At a higher level, it’s about encouraging that partnership between youth and adults that makes Scouting so special. We want our young people to be having fun doing the things they do, and to be comfortable in feeding back to us about what it is they really WANT to do.

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