Blog no 8

May 2017

As we head towards Summer my thought have turned towards the outdoors.  It is a time when all Sections can get out and about, explore unfamiliar places and do things that aren’t always possible in the Headquarters.  We think about Camps – and I have been to visit a number already.  It is worth remembering what our founder said.

“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”  Baden Powell

It is not always possible to have a week’s camp – but letting the young people spend time together overnight is good for learning about working together, building relationships and tolerance.  It is also helpful for the adults as well!

Many Sections shut down for the summer “a holiday for the leaders”.  I have always found this a little strange as this period does give lots of opportunities.  I do understand that Leaders need some time off – but here are a few thoughts:

  • During the school holidays young people have more time. There are not the “School night” pressures and so different activities can become possible.
  • Numbers may be lower – this could be an advantage and make different activities possible.
  • Why not join up with a neighbouring colony, pack or troop for a joint meeting.
  • Have a day trip to somewhere – could be a hike or …….
  • Encourage Patrols to meet together
  • Maybe use some extra help from Network members who are home from university.

My challenge this month is to think about the Scouting your Group is doing over the summer and how it could be enhanced.  Let me know your ideas!

Best wishes


Ps – I will be practicing what I preach so you can always call on me to help!

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