CC Blog No 17 – March 2018

During the start of the year we look at our membership figures – details on this next month when they are finalised, but one thing is clear.  We have lots of young people who would like to join but don’t have enough places for them.

As I go around the County I meet so many fantastic leaders who freely give up their time to run sections.  They are having a fun and rewarding time delivering a good quality programme. Many of them would like more adults to help, either as leaders, or on the administration.  We also need to look at whether we can open new sections or groups to cater for the demand.

To help leaders get the skills to recruit new leaders we have been running recruitment workshops, in Studley and Kenilworth so far.  There are two more dates – any leaders / exec members from across the County are welcome to

Saturday 24th March 10am -1pm Radford Semele Baptist Church Hall

Saturday 21st April 2018 830am – 1200pm Rugby District Scout HQ

We are flexible in our approach to volunteering, somebody who could just do an evening a month would be as welcome as somebody who can commit every week.  Why not ask somebody to help – the worse they can say is no!

It is great that 1,000 Scouts from Warwickshire and Coventry will be at the Wasps game on Sunday.  We are also delighted with the support they give us in the fan zone and through media to promote Scouting.


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