CC Blog no 18 – April 2018

Do we say “thank you” enough?

Every year in April The Scout Association published it’s St George’s Day Awards list.  I am delighted that this year the excellent service of the following Scouters has been recognised:

Silver Wolf

Gillian Mary Turner District Administrator, District Training Adviser, Stratford Upon Avon, County Appointments Advisery Committee Member

Bar to the Silver Acorn

Clive James Dunn Group Scout Leader, 1st Bulkington, Nuneaton

John Douglas Hinks District Badge Secretary, District Nights Away Adviser, District President, Warwick

Pamela Ann Hinks Section Leader, 7th Warwick (Woodloes), District Nights Away Adviser, Warwick

Douglas Shorter Group Executive Committee Member, 11th Nuneaton (Weddington), District Explorer Scout Administrator, District Training Adviser, Nuneaton

Silver Acorn

Robert Andrew Deeming Group Scout Leader, Nuneaton North, District Scout Active Support Member, District Explorer Scout Administrator, District Training Adviser, Nuneaton

Antonio Marsella Group Scout Leader, 5th Rugby (Newbold), District Section Leader, District Administrator, District Appointments Advisery Committee Member, Rugby

David Philip Norton Group Scout Leader, 6th Rugby (St. Margaret’ s), Rugby

Denise Robbins Assistant Group Scout Leader, 7th Warwick (Woodloes), Group Scout Leader, 1st Hampton Magna, District Appointments Advisory Committee Member, District Training Adviser, Warwick, County Local Training Manager.

We have many hundreds of adults around the County and do we recognise what they all do?  It could be something as simple as saying “thank you” on a regular basis.  But we can also recognise people in other ways – we have long service awards when people have completed 5+ years service,  we can recommend people for Good Service Awards – details can be found here

It does not just have to be a Commissioner who apply for Awards – you can as well!

Let’s make April say Thank You month.

Appreciation can make a day – even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.      Margaret Cousins

Thanks for all that you do for Scouting in Warwickshire


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