CC Blog No 19 – May 2018

It’s all about the programme.

Why do young people join and continue to come to Scouts? I am willing to bet that it is because they enjoy it, have fun with their friends, try new things – in other words it is about the programme.

Last week I was speaking to a parent who told me that they had changed the Scout Troop their children go to because there was a better programme at the other one. That made me think – do we all deliver to the balanced programme, giving the young people the variety that they are looking for.  We are not a sports club or a drama group – we offer a mix of activities that are designed to give our members Skills for Life.

Here are a few random thoughts:

  • We are not all experts in every area of the programme – don’t be afraid to ask others to help. Your ADCs and other leaders provide a valuable source of ideas.
  • We have a County Activities Adviser and Creative Activities Adviser – why not pick their brains for ideas.
  • We know that young people love being outdoors – don’t let the British weather get in the way!
  • Make sure that we have variety in the programme – don’t always play the same games! This keeps the young people and the leaders interested.
  • Every year make sure that you cover all areas of the programme.
  • Look at Programmes on Line for loads of good programme ideas –
  • If you have a good idea – share it!

The results of this year’s census showed that we had awarded top awards in the sections as follows

Award Number % of eligible membership
Beavers – Bronze CSA 340 22
Cubs – Silver CSA 261 14
Scouts – Gold CSA 105 7
Explorer + Network – Platinum CSA 20 3
Explorer + Network – Diamond CSA 15 2
Queen’s Scout Award 2 0
DoE Bronze 32 5
DoE Silver 24 4
DoE Gold 6 1
Explorer Belt 0 0
Young Leader Belt 5 1

Wouldn’t it be great to see an increase in the number of top awards achieved by our members.

Happy Scouting and see you at Get In!


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