CC Blog No 21 – July 2018

Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to visit some groups and help to present some badges.

At Coleshill I presented Bronze and Silver Chief Scout Awards

At 2nd Warwick Gold Chief Scouts Award

In Fenny Compton – Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards

And at Get In a Queens Scout Award at 11th Nuneaton.

The one common denominator was the sense of achievement and the joy that the young people had in receiving the awards and pride of their parents and leaders.  Well done to all.

That set me thinking, do we consider the “Top Award” in any section as something that only a few should get or with a well run programme and a bit of hard work should they all?  I think it should be the latter.  In our census this year we were asked to record the “Top Awards” achieved.  Here are the results across the County:

Number               % of membership

Chief Scouts Bronze Award                                        340                                      22

Chief Scouts Silver Award                                           261                                      14

Chief Scouts Gold Award                                            105                                        7

Chief Scouts Platinum Award                                       20                                        3

Chief Scouts Diamond Award                                      15                                         2

Queen’s Scout Award                                                    2                                         1

A big fall off in the numbers being achieved as we go through the Sections.  We often hear that people get bored in Scouts for 3½ years – are we giving them the challenge they are looking for – could encouraging more to get a Top Award be the way to do that?  Some food for thought.

Enjoy the summer – get out and about

Best wishes


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