CC Blog no 22 – September 2018

We are in the midst of the AGM season, many of you will have held Group and District AGMs before the summer, some are scheduled for September and October.  The County AGM is on 19th September.

For many there are a necessary evil, a chore to be attended, or a race to see how quickly the business can be dealt with.  For other people they are an opportunity to reflect on the past year, hear of plans for the future, check that the Group/District/County is heading in the right direction and also a social event.  I hope that yours is the latter!

One of the important roles of an AGM is to elect the Executive Committee.  In a Group the Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment.  They also act as the Charity Trustees with responsibilities to ensure that the Scouting is operating in accordance with POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules), manage the finances, and generally support the leadership team to deliver quality Scouting for the members.

In my experience the Groups and Districts that are flourishing are ones with a good Executive Committee / Trustees.   They are supporting the leadership team, undertaking administration functions and thinking about the future development of the Group.  Worth their weight in Gold!  Do we make sure that they have the tools for the role, understand what a Charity Trustee is and most importantly thank them?  There are training modules that the Scout Association has produced, they can be done on line or the County run sessions when people can share in the learning and their experiences.

There are lots of trustees around the Country.  Why not link up with some of them? The Trustees in Scouting Facebook Group is an online space for Trustees in Scouting to share ideas, best practice and support each other on the topic of good charity governance. It is also designed to raise awareness of the Trustee work as a whole and provides HQ with the facility to discuss ideas and issues connected to trusteeship.

So as we approach our County AGM (all welcome, 7:15, 19 September at Aylesford School, Warwick) a big thank you from me to the County Executive for all your hard work. I would especially like to thank Kerrie McCann as she steps down after 5 years in post and many more on the Committee.  She has had a hard job keeping us in control!

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