CC Blog no 23 – October 2018

Following on from last month’s blog I have been thinking about good governance and some of the “stuff” we need to do. We are living in a world that sometimes seems more complicated and filled with processes we need to follow designed to stop us doing things. Here are some thoughts on some of these.

Communications – these days there are many ways of communicating that were not around 20 years ago – this blog is an example of that! We have emails, the web, social media, facebook, twitter, snapchat, groups that are open to all and ones that are private – so many methods.  Of course we still have most of the old ones – post, telephone, faxes but semaphore and morse code have certainly gone out of fashion. In my opinion the best was, and still is, a face to face chat with somebody. With all these changes we have to introduce some controls on the sharing of information – we have heard a lot about GDPR recently.  For me it is not something to be scared of,  we should just think about what information we need, how long we need it for, and how we share it to maintain people’s privacy.  You should have processes in place to manage this – they don’t need to be complicated or fancy. If you’re unsure have a look on the under GDPR.  It is really just common sense.

As leaders we keep records of the young people in our section, badges they earn, contact details for emergencies etc. Over half the Groups in the County use OSM (Online Scout Manager) and those that I speak to tell me it is great and has made their administration easier.  OSM is GDPR compliant.  The County want to encourage good practice around the County and your County Exec have agreed that they will pay for OSM for every section in the County.  For the first 2 years this will be from our reserves and after that there will be an increase in the County levy to part fund it.  We are just finalising the arrangements and will be sending out details during October.  We will have a group of “Super Users” to help sections set this up if you’ve not used it.

By having good processes in place we have more time to deliver good Scouting – don’t be afraid of change, take a common sense approach to it and enjoy your Scouting.

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