CC Blog no 24 – November 2018

I wonder how long you have been in your Scouting role?  Over the years I have held many roles. I started as an Assistant Scout Leader and it has been downhill ever since! Some of you may have done the same thing for many years, others will have changed roles – both are fine.

I expect you are wondering where this is going ………… well last week I had a review with my line manager, Dan Potter, Regional Commissioner.  I have now been your CC for over 2 years and it was useful to meet up.  This was a chance for us to have a chat about how things are going, check up on training requirements and to make sure that I was enjoying the role and happy with it.  We often speak, but it is easy to miss the opportunity to have a focussed one to one.

When was the last time you had a chat about your role, how it is going and whether you are enjoying it?  Sometimes we get into a rut and it is good to think about whether it is time to do something else.  Many of you will be happy in what you do, but maybe others need to have that prompt to think about other positions.  I believe that we need to keep our Scouting experiences fresh, learn and try new things, and most importantly make sure it is enjoyable.  If it has been a while since you have had a review, or you have reviewed somebody in your team maybe now is the time to set it up.  It does not have to be very formal or long.  A chat over a cuppa is fine.

Have a great month

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