CC Blog no 31 – September 2019

Here we are at the start of another academic year – I am never sure with Scouts whether we work on academic or calendar years.  Some Sections meet all year regardless of holidays and others take a break.  I guess it doesn’t matter which calendar we use!

I expect that people are moving Sections, new members joining and maybe others moving on.  A time to take stock of our membership and make sure that our records are up to date at the start of the term.  If you’re not using OSM then don’t forget that the County will finance this for you.  It may take some effort to set up but saves time in the long run.

I wonder how many of us think about doing this for our adult members.

Why not start with your own record:

  • Are your contact details correct on Compass, including emails and phone numbers?
  • Is your mandatory Training complete and in date – Safeguarding, Safety, First Aid and GDPR. It is very important that this is up to date.
  • Are your roles correct? Are you due a review?  I have just had mine after completing my intial 3 years in post and my appointment has been extended to 2022.

Whilst you’re at it check roles for people you manage:

  • Are the right people recorded on Compass?
  • Have they completed training so that roles are Full?
  • All the same points as for you.

It would also be good to check the Occasional Helpers linked to your group.  If that person you put on to help at a camp 3 years ago is no longer involved, then it would be good to close their appointment.

This will make sure that we know who our adult supporters are, that we can communicate with them, that they are properly trained, and most of all have the tools to deliver quality Scouting to our young people.

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