CC Blog No 32 – November 2019

About 18 months ago the Scout Association changed it’s branding.  At the time some loved it, and some were not so sure.  It has grown on me and I now cringe a bit when I see the old-style logo being used.

The target is that we should all be using the new imagery by next May.  If you’ve not changed style, then you should take the opportunity to update things.  If you are not sure how to use the new logo, how the brand works or would like access to good imagery then it is available here or contact

But this change is much more than just using a new logo. As a volunteer in Scouting, the most powerful thing you can do is talk positively about what we do and the benefits it will bring – making our benefits clearer and local volunteer recruitment easier. Positivity is infectious and others will follow your lead.

Our focus on skills for life will help the public, parents and other potential supporters more clearly understand what we do.  Remember, if everyone in Scouting in the UK uses the same language and promotes skills for life, it will be more powerful than any advertising campaign. Every member, every activity we do, and every communication helps us build our reputation. The more quickly and consistently we use our new brand, the faster we’ll be able to improve the public’s understanding of what we do.

So, let’s try and lose the old imagery and shout about what we do in a positive way.  We have lots to be proud of – lets tell people.

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