County Commissioner Blog No 2

Nigel Hailey 2This month has been enlightening. I have spent a couple of days at Gilwell Park on my induction – always important to ensure that we are well trained for our roles. Our training team work hard to arrange session to make sure that we have the skills to deliver good Scouting to all our members. Are you trained, up to date with safeguarding, safety and first aid skills to deliver the best Scouting? More information about training at

County Plan

Continuing my thoughts on our County Plan. This month looking at Inclusivity.

One of the great things about Scouting is that it is a global organization and welcomes all people. Having travelled in my role as International Commissioner I met many people across the world enjoying Scouting in many different styles. They were different styles of Scouting but they had the same fundamental purpose to give young people skills for life.


I wonder in Warwickshire if we are open to all young people? We are doing some work to look at the demographics across the County to see how we match it. We can then think about whether we are reflecting our area. I would be interested in your thoughts on the subject.

Have a think about whether you are welcoming to all young people in your community.

Out and About in October.

Some of the highlights of visits in the past month. I was honoured to present the prizes at the County Cub Quiz and the Wally Williams Beaver Challenge. Lots of youngsters having fun from around the County.


3rd Warwick Cub quiz

I also visited a new Group in Long Itchington and invested a leader at 3rd Warwick. We continue to grow and develop.

Best wishes


Nigel Hailey – County Commissioner

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