County Commissioner Blog No 3

County Commissioner Blog No 3

November has been a varied month. I joined Warwick District for Remembrance Sunday, helped at 8th Leamington Scouts running an International Evening, attended the national Development Grants Board meeting, met with other CCs from around the Region, but probably best of all was the County Awards Afternoon.  This was our largest yet recognizing more young people gaining Gold, Diamond and Platinum Chief Scout Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and Queens Scout Awards.  Not forgetting of course our leaders who had been recognized for good service.


County Plan

Continuing my thoughts on our County Plan. This month looking at Youth Shaped.

Back in the early days of Scouting it was the young people who read the articles printed by Baden Powell and wanted to start Scouting. They were leading the way and asking adults to support them.  More than a 100 years later this is one of the strengths of our movement – encouraging young people to shape what they want to do and by doing that they grow and develop.

It does not have to be hard and can work for all Sections. At the recent Wally Williams Beaver Day all Beavers were asked a question as part of each base and they could give their views on what they liked or disliked about Beavers – fascinating to see them thinking about this and responding.  The outcome will be used to influence how we support Beaver Scouting across the County.

What do you do with your young people? It could be as simple as letting them choose which games to play, where to go for camp, which badges to work towards, what to call their patrols / sixes etc.

I am looking to appoint a County Youth Commissioner and up to two deputies to work with me in developing Scouting in the County. More information elsewhere on the website.  Closing date is 22 December – please encourage any 18 – 25 year olds to consider this role and help us become more youth shaped.

Saying Thank You

I was reminded last night of the importance of saying Thank You. Don’t take people and actions for granted – remember that those 2 little words can make a huge difference.

So from me as we draw towards the end of 2016 a big thank you for all that you have done to support Scouting this year, you will have made a huge difference to the lives of the young (and not so young!) people that you have come into contact with. Hopefully you have also had lots of fun.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas to you and your families.


Nigel Hailey – County Commissioner

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