Warwickshire Scout Council

Charity Details

The charity is named the Warwickshire Scout Council.  The Charity Commission registered number is 506367.

The charity has no principal office; the addresses of the trustees are available on request from the County Chairman, Kerrie McCann.

The names of the trustees who served during the above term are shown in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2014.

Structure, Governance and Management

The Warwickshire Scout Council is a trust established under the rules which are common to all County Scout Councils as prescribed within the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scout Association.

Trustees are recruited and appointed in accordance with the relevant sections of the above policy.

Objectives, Activities and Achievements

The objectives of the Warwickshire Scout Council are contained within the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.  The activities carried out in pursuance of these objectives and what has been achieved during the year is detailed in the Annual Report.

Financial Review

The financial performance for the above year is contained in the Accounts Report which is included with the Annual Report.  These accounts have been drawn up on the accruals basis which is consistent with the previous year.

The Warwickshire Scout Council’s reserves policy is currently to maintain an income and expenditure budget showing a small deficit each year to reduce the reserves.  This policy is regularly reviewed.

None of the funds managed are in deficit and no assets are held by the charity in the capacity of custodian trustee.

Kerrie McCann

Chair, Warwickshire Scout Council

31st August 2015

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