Warwickshire Communications Team

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Vision  – To inform County Scouts, and members of the public of the activities of Scouting in Warwickshire, through the best means financially available. It has 12 key objectives

  1. To establish a County Communications team of 6/8 to develop regular communications in the County
  2. To continue to produce and distribute WISPA – Quarterly, i.WISPA Monthly
  3. To develop a County WEB Site and promote it’s use for public access and members only areas.
  4. To develop the latest (appropriate) Social Media – Currently Facebook and Twitter plus TXT’s and U Tube and encourage their use through out the County
  5. To develop coverage in all areas of media – Local press, radio and TV
  6. To establish a small team to take photographs and video filming and make their results easily available to all Districts
  7. To develop a series of displays for use County and District wide including Display boards, Pull up displays (up to date) Video screens.
  8. To establish a documented library of display material – such a photograph, videos
  9. To work with Scout Association Coms. team and Regional Coms. officer on latest methods and proposals from HQ
  10. To hold regular agenda meetings – Annual County Communications Day, Quarterly Coms. team meetings
  11. To Assist Districts in development of their Communications and Media teams
  12. To run training days in new communications developments


It has now establish a quarterly magazine “WISPA” – Posted to all registered adult leaders on 1st February, May, August & November. Articles for inclusion should be sent to wispa@warwickshirescouts.org.uk on 10th month prior to publication. Ideally articles should be no more than 150 words, with Calibri font size 10 and with a photograph as a .jpg format to ensure good resolution.

Monthly electronic newsletter i.WISPA sent to all Leaders and Occasional Helpers with e-mail addresses registered with headquarters. (or by sending details to wispa@warwickshirescouts.org.uk including Name, postal address and e-mail address.

New WEB site www.warwickshirescouts.org.uk  Entries should be sent to website@warwickshirescouts.org.uk . Dates for calendar should include Event, Date, Location of event, Contact details.

Is planned to develop a vibrant Social Media activity – volunteer to develop this is required. Contact tony.guy@warwickshirescouts.org.uk


News and Information on Communications can be found on the links below

Warwickshire Communications Team

NameAppointment/DistrictEmail address
Tony GuyCommunications Managetony.guy@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Neil HorburyMedia Development Mgrneil.horbury@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Ian BroadbridgeWeb Masterwebsite@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Sandra BromleyCounty Press Officersandra.bromley@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Sue WestcottGraphic Artistsue.westcott@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Kevin EtterDistribution Managerkevin.etter@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Joanna Brough Administratorjoanna.brough@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Nigel TaylorLocal Media Supportnigel.taylor@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
District CommissionerAtherstone
Stacey EnticottRugbyanastasia.enticott@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Jonathan MillerNuneaton
Dawn Williams Nuneaton
Stuart Heaton Kenilworthstuart.heaton@warwickshirescouts.org.uk
Tom PrinceLeamington
Dillan LangLeamington
Ron TredwellStratford upon Avon
Tirnan CattonStratford upon Avon
Paul BlackmoreWest Warwickshire
Toby RussellWest Warwickshire
Russell BrewerWest Warwickshire
District CommissionerWarwick