Howdy, from the Jamboree leadership team!

Applications for the Warwickshire Contingent are now closed and we have contacted everyone with an update for their applications. Congratulations to the 64 members who got it! Anyone who was not successful shouldn’t be disheartened; not being successful does not need to be the end. There are loads of Jamborees in the UK as well as other international events which you can apply to go to – keep an eye out for the other fantastic opportunities available to you!

Powerpoint from the Jamboree Roadshows
Here’s a copy of the slides from our Jamboree Roadshows – when the leadership team toured the county spreading information far and wide.
Jamboree Roadshow Presentation (PDF)

Need more information?
You can contact the Jamboree team at this email address: jamboree@warwickshirescouts.org.uk

Here’s the link to the official website of the 24th WSJ – take a look for a bit more info on what is on offer! http://www.2019wsj.org/