Not the CC’s Blog No 16 – Special Guest Blogger!

My names Will, I’m your Deputy County Youth Commissioner, DCYC. Taking over the CC blog with a YouShape update!

I’ll start off with the YouShape Mission statement: ‘To empower young people to shape their Scouting experience at a local and national level’.

So how do I and your Youth Commissioner team go about helping you achieving this – well the brilliant thing is there are so many ways we can achieve this and as a county that’s exactly what we can see. Even within the team, we’ve tried so many new, exciting and unique ideas.

Before I tell you about the upcoming YouShape month of February and what’s planned I’ll tell you what it means to me and the benefits it has to the scouting movement and the young people involved.

YouShape to me is mostly about ownership, letting the young people get the experience they want out of the movement, scouting offers so much to young people and adults, YouShape helps tailor that experience. With ownership comes leadership, teamwork and communication skills, 3 buzz words we hear a lot of in today’s fierce job market, so by empowering young people to take charge in their scouting life it enables them to gain these so crucial life and employability skills. That is why we strive to accelerate the YouShape initiative for the young people. Another reason is Scouting as a movement grows through YouShape. Letting young people shape the movement, challenge the norm and add ideas, making the movement more diverse and engaging.

So, Warwickshire – what’s planned?

The quick answer is lots! – your Youth Commissioner team have been busy to give young people the best opportunity’s possible.

Starting February ‘YouShape Month’ The #YouShape Pledge Awards will be operating and continue throughout the year – find out more from you DC, DYC and via the Facebook. This is our BIG scheme we’ll be pushing; we think this will be an incredible force for good. We really hope ALL groups will push this and gain their YouShape Awards – if your group hasn’t heard about them…tell them now!

There will be special awards presented for the first groups to achieve their SILVER and GOLD YouShape Award. For a group to achieve GOLD is no small feat, it will take dedication from young people and leaders, working in partnership.

District Youth Forums – We hope to allow young people to voice their opinions and be heard by leaders and managers from the scouts on a district then county level. We have spent a lot of time discussing and planning the perfect youth forum – please ask your local DYC if you want to find out more.

You Said, We Did – this is the next step from the youth forums, once we the leaders have heard from the young people we must act. So groups, in order to gain their YouShape award, must evidence this, it would be all too easy to run a youth forum and not act on it! The youth commissioner team are there to aid and ensure this action.

Wear Their Necker – is a fun, exciting and empowering way to promote Youth Shaped Scouting. The scheme involves adults letting young people take over/shadow their roles. This can be as small as taking over the running of a game to chairing a scout planning meeting. We hope to be creating some opportunities for Wear Their Necker in the not too distant future – stay tuned!

Young Leaders – is an incredible chance for young people to get that first experience of leadership gaining a range of skills from teamwork to time management that is not only great fun and gives a huge sense of pride and achievement but might just be the deciding factor that gets you accepted into that company, university or college. Especially when you add it to everything else gained through scouts. For more information, on how scouting can help your professional career search ‘Scouting Get Ahead’ for some really great resources.

To conclude, there’s no reason why we can’t be the most youth shaped, and thus best Scouting county! To achieve we need your help: leaders, scouting management, young people and parents. Teamwork will be key – together I hope we can continue to make scouting better.

Please see resources sent out via email and soon available online and on the Facebook.


Will Lang,  Youth County Commissioner Deputy

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