Scout story library

In the last 12 months the Scout story library has been established and evolved. The library is receiving several stories per week about Scouting from different parts of the Country. When someone submits a story, it goes to different teams at Gilwell Park. The teams include; Scouting magazine, external media, social media, programme and fundraising. An external media story goes out to the relevant staff member and they work with the County media development manager to decide the best way to try and get the story into the local paper. The hyperlink below is an example of a story being submitted through the library and its appearance on the website for the local paper. It also appeared in hard copy editions of the local paper which has a circulation of just under 9000.

The use of is very simple: you provide some basic information about the event/activity; you include a quote from a young person, perhaps about why they enjoy being involved in Scouting; you add a quote from an adult volunteer, maybe around a skill they have acquired/developed; and you include an action photo, then submit it. The team member at Gilwell will add some information which might be around the 200 activities we offer from abseiling to zorbing, or 11 years of growth, and they will then pitch the story to the relevant local paper.

The activity/event does not have to be 500 Cubs at a camp or 250 Beavers at a fun day, it can be 20 Scouts doing an A Million Hands project around Mental Wellbeing or 15 Explorer Scouts going on an overseas trip. If you’ve never tried I would encourage you to use it and see what happens.

Nigel Taylor

Local Media Relations Support Officer

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