Training Resources

The resources below provide an introduction to and overview of The Scout Associations’ Adult Training Scheme. They are a great source of information for any questions that you might have about training. The Training Advisers Guide and Adults Personal File also provide information about the validation criteria for each module.

Adult Training Scheme (PDF)

Module Matrix (PDF)

Adult’s Personal File (PDF)

Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders (PDF)

Training Advisers Guide (PDF)

Updates to Resources

Module 14 and Module 15 have been revised and the titles of these modules have changed.  Module 14 is now entitled Supporting Young People and Module 15 entitled Promoting Positive Behaviour. Please see the following update pages for the Training Advisers Guide, the Adult’s Personal File and the Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders.

Update pages for Training Advisers Guide – Modules 14 and 15
Update pages for Adult’s Personal File – Module 14 and 15

Resources for Training Managers

The resources below have been designed for Training Managers who wish to run support, guidance and update events for their Training Advisers. They can be used if you need some help with content for your TA event, want to get feedback from your TAs on certain things or want to give your TAs an opportunity to meet up and network with each other.

Comprehensive session plans can be found in the Training Manager’s Training Adviser Toolkit which can be accessed below. Some sessions require additional supporting material and this can also be accessed below.

Training Manager’s Training Adviser Toolkit

Updates to the Adult Training scheme hand out

Additional support material for Validation, Validation, Validation session

News and Information on Training can be found on the links below