Adult Training Scheme

The Scout Association’s Training Scheme

The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme enables adults to gain the skills necessary for them to deliver and/or support the Programme.

Specifically it is intended to:

■ help people understand Scouting and their role within it

■ give them the skills necessary to carry out that role

■ improve the quality and quantity of Scouting delivered

■ support adults in meeting their own personal development needs

Training course dates

Module Course dates are available to view on the County Calendar.  District based Local Training Managers will be organising Getting Started Modules at local level but all courses are open to everyone!

Please use the online booking system to book your place.

Training course costs

Module Training Courses are free to attend, apart from Module 10 (First Aid/First Response).  Information of the cost of this will be notified on the booking system.

Do I have to attend training courses?

The training scheme takes into account prior experience and existing knowledge and offers various learning methods. A module is only complete when a TA validates it for you: attending a training course doesn’t mean that you have completed a module – you will still need to demonstrate to a TA that you have the knowledge and skills required – but equally you don’t need to attend training if you are already confident that you can do everything required. Your Adult’s Personal File sets out exactly what you need to do to have each module validated.

How long will my training take?

There is no minimum time: if you already have all of the knowledge and skills required then the only limitation is how much time you and your TA have available to get the modules validated.

However, by agreeing to take on the role you do commit to complete your training within specified time limits:

Getting Started: Modules 1-3 (leader) or 1, 2 and 4 (managers): these three modules cover the basic skills required for your role and they must be completed within five months of your appointment.

Safeguarding Training should also be undertaken, in line with POR guidelines.

You must complete the remaining modules within three years of your appointment.

These time limits can be enforced and if you fail to have the modules validated within the time limits your appointment may be suspended. We do understand that there will sometimes be good reasons as to why you have been unable to do everything within these time limits, but you must ensure that your manager is aware if this is the case.

Who is responsible for my training?
You are!
As an adult volunteer it is up to you to make sure that you have done all of the training that you need to do. There are plenty of people who will guide you through the process!

Your line manager
For Section Leaders this will be your Group Scout Leader (GSL). For some managers this will be the District Commissioner (DC). Your line manager will be able to give you advice on training and will keep an eye on your progress, so they may remind you that you have modules to complete or prompt you to make contact with your Training Adviser.

Your Training Adviser (TA)
Your Training Adviser will talk to you about what you need to do and how you are going to validate all of the different modules.  They will help you make a personal learning plan appropriate to your role. (Top Tip: When you meet your TA it’s always a good idea to arrange a time for your next meeting, to ensure that you keep things moving!)

How can I see what training I’ve had validated?

At the moment (without Compass), you should keep your own paper record, either in your Adult’s Personal File or on the separate sheet which your Training Adviser provides. Make sure you ask him or her to sign your paper record for you.

Hopefully, the electronic system will be available soon!

Any questions please contact:

Katrina Collie, Deputy County Commissioner – Training

Phone: 07758 879614


DistrictLTMEmail Address
Atherstone Julie
Kenilworth Ed
Leamington Hilary
Nuneaton Kim
Rugby via DC
Stratford Katrina
Warwick Denise
West Warwickshire via DC